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Life's joyful moments


The Social Chef brings parents, children, family and friends together, to educate and fall in love with the joy of food and cooking.

Food and the kitchen are at the centre of our memories and are the foundation of many traditions. The Social Chef is passionate about creating modern day traditions and lasting memories through food experiences, children’s books, events and in-home catering.

A place to share, socialise, celebrate and learn about food, cooking and nutrition. Bringing people together for life’s joyful moments.



Cooking and food have always been apart of my life. From a young age, I participated in cooking classes, that turned into cooking for friends and family and then experiencing the many tastes of varied international cuisines during time overseas.

My relationship with food is fundamental to who I am today, my journey truly began when I entered the hospitality industry, later than most but after management roles in both the public and private sectors, I followed my passion for food and undertook an Australian apprenticeship to become a qualified chef.

During my apprenticeship, I was the recipient of numerous awards including a culinary service award, a vocational service award and was a finalist in the 2016 ACT Training Awards Apprentice of the Year.

Creating food that matches the complex flavours of craft beer and wine is a challenge I enjoy to accept every day. I want to pass on my passion for food and inspire a lifelong love of cooking and food for adults, parents and their children. And continue to create those joyful moments through my cooking.


"I hope to inspire a lifelong love of cooking and food for adults, parents and their children"