To beer, or not to beer…that's not a question!

To beer, or not to beer…that's not a question!

I was lucky enough recently to be taken on a tour through the Eagle Bay Brewing Company, located in a divine part of Western Australia and get an insight into how they go about brewing and bottling their major craft beers.  It was during this tour that I realised just how widespread the love, and indeed, need for craft beer is across our country.

Image Source: Eagle Bay Brewing Company

Image Source: Eagle Bay Brewing Company

Having a close affiliation with the BentSpoke Brewing Company here in Canberra, I can attest to how popular craft beer is not only in the nation’s capital, but also throughout the eastern seaboard, with many of our guests inquiring as to where they can buy our beer outside of Canberra, or regaling in stories from craft breweries within their hometowns or those in which they have visited in search of the perfect beer.

And whilst I feel that the search for the perfect beer will continue long after I’m gone, the one thing that will always be a constant in our lives is the need to if we must eat, why not incorporate beer elements into our food?

As a traditional ‘foodie’, I have always loved creating dishes with a certain wine style in mind to ensure that my dinner guests would be happy and indulged when they visited.  However, now, with so much diversity in the flavour and depth of craft beers, I find myself filled with an almost childlike euphoria on a daily basis in rediscovering food again as I look to create recipes based upon beer, or beer ingredients.

This fascination of cooking with beer has been one that I have been pursuing for some time now after receiving a book for Father’s Day that was written by Australia’s dancing superstar chef, Paul Mecurio...which you should buy, even if you aren’t a beer lover as it is full of great recipes for everyday eating!

But that’s a story for another time.  And whilst I do hope to write my own cookbook one day based on beer recipes, this original article started about our love of beer...

As a child growing up, I remember the ads for VB, Tooheys, Fosters and Carlton and the celebration of male culture that these drinks embodied.  But today, as I look out on the many people enjoying a quiet beer after work at the BentSpoke Brewing Company, almost fifty percent, if not more, of the population enjoying our beer are females.

So why is it that so many women are now turning to beer more so than generations before?

That’s too big a question for me and I’m happy to let someone else take the lead on that one...

What I do know, however, is that many brewers are now experimenting with such a diverse range of flavours and providing us with unique taste sensations that we haven’t experienced in commercial beers before, which is a win-win for beer lovers and foodies alike.

There is often much hype about Aussies and our love for or of beer.  And with so many craft breweries making an appearance across our landscape, thus providing us with many more ingredients to play with, I believe that there is much to celebrate!

It takes a lot of time, research and meticulous dedication to making good beer and just as much time, dedication and practice in creating recipes made from craft beer.

Over time, I hope to publish many beer-related recipes for you to enjoy.  But for now, I hope you enjoy the selection that is listed and provide you with some inspiration.